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Once upon a time, God left a beautiful red flower for a little girl who prayed to him for help. While the flower didn’t solve her problems, it did bring her hope in an otherwise dark and lonely home. That little girl grew up and to this day she remains grateful for the gift and a beautiful memory she’ll never forget. This is Just a Note to say “Thank You God”.

AECP Level 2 Homework – Masking Unleashed Course

The Materials


Where do you get your inspiration? I found a warm color palette to paint my beautiful memory. From colors to stories that must be told, you won’t have to look far to spark your imagination!

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Techniques – Using Layers

  1. Create a Backdrop Sheet – I find it wonderfully freeing to cover an entire 8.5×11 sheet of paper with my own design or print. That’s exactly how I started this Slimline Card project.
  2. Using the Tim Holtz stamping platform with Altenew’s Crisp Ink and the Wonderland Stamp set, I stamped one of my favorite big flowers on the paper in a Obsidian waterproof black. Then I gently taped the same mask over the stamped image to protect it.
  3. Pulling the palette as inspiration, I brought in browns and a kind of patina to age the piece. It’s important to pull the colors down from the top and fade to the bottom to create a faux wood texture.
  4. Stamp the text and key over the masked image so they look like they are behind the flower in the backdrop.
  5. Use round watercolor brushes and water to hand paint any areas where ink might be missing and this technique also helps streak the colors even more.
  6. Use your brush to splatter Speckled Egg on the front then spray with Altenew’s Black Spray ink.
  7. Don’t go heavy with your inks so they will fade into the background.
  8. Remove the mask. Hand color the petals and stem using pinks and green alcohol pens by Altenew.
  9. Add your sentiment using the same black ink then emboss it with clear powder.
  10. Cut black cardstock 1/8″ bigger than your card front.
  11. Your card base will be 1/8″ bigger than you black mat.
  12. Use double sided tape to stick the front to the mat then use foam tape to stick that to the card base.
  13. Last but not least spray with metallic shimmer to make it extra special.

Finishing Touch

Never underestimate the power of a black mat against a white card base for a professional finish. Use your imagination, inspire your creativity and leave a beautiful mark – even for a simple note.

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While other kids played at recess, I was on the bench quietly drawing. Nothing's changed. I'm still creating on this lifetime quest to "Leave a Beautiful Mark"

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    1. Sometimes I think I love creating backdrops more than anything else! And mixing up different styles, old with the new, finding that balance is so fun.

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