Handmade Card & Poem by Linda Fields

Imagine a stone tablet, etched by the veins of a flower long since past. Delicate petals and sweet green leaves returned to the earth but not before leaving their beautiful mark. “God bless all who seek the stones, memories of what used to be. May they spark your creative soul to remember. Once blind but now you see.”

AECP Level 2 Homework – With A Twist Course


Techniques & The Twist

I aimed to create a card but made this matted framable instead. A beautiful 5×7 piece ready to hang on the wall or put on any flat surface using the built-in stand! This is sure to become a favorite.

I used Spellbinders Betterpress System with Altenew’s Dainty Flower Garden Press Plate on the thick, white, cotton paper that came in the Betterpress box. Tape your paper to the acrylic plate and arrange your plates on the magnetic base. Ink the plates well with the included black ink by pressing down and slightly twisting the pad to get good coverage. Let the magnets snap in place before putting it through your die cutting machine. I left all 3 shims in place to get a nice, deep impression. No second pass needed. Yes, it’s that easy.

For that finishing touch, I created a grey mat 1/8 inch larger than the front and a black mat base 1/8 inch larger than the mat. I tri-folded black cardstock and glued it to the back, the surprise stand that could pop out, or flatten to put in an envelope. Stand it up, or hang it on the wall, this framable is sure to make a beautiful impression the one you adore will never forget.

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While other kids played at recess, I was on the bench quietly drawing. Nothing's changed. I'm still creating on this lifetime quest to "Leave a Beautiful Mark"

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