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Don’t check it once, not even twice, check it three times, and when you still cut it shorter than you were supposed to, don’t fret! Walk away. Todays post is all about those tips and tricks you never think about but wish you had when everything, including you, falls apart. You might want to sit down because we’re about to visit some recent, paper drama in Linda’s Studio.


“Nothing short of amazing”, I thought to myself. “I finally finished!” Three days ago I was convinced there was no return from all the mistakes I made.

I Dedicate this Card to Crystal – You Are Amazing!


Had a Bad Day

Ever have a bad day? Of course you have. We’ve all had them. Two days ago I was experimenting, trying some alcohol inking ideas and was thrilled with the results. Ever feel like things are going too well? Yeah, well, each layer kept getting better and better. I created a technique for faux ice!

Yes! I successfully created the illusion of an ice cave in a snowstorm using alcohol ink pens on Yupo paper. Very cool! Time to cut this down to slimline card measurements. “Wait… how did I see the numbers so completely wrong?” I cut the Yupo one inch smaller! Correct me if I’m wrong but last I checked, greeting cards don’t measure 2.5 inches wide. “The studio is officially closed!” I was done.

Another Bad Day – Seriously?

It was a brand new day, full of possibilities. I was happily optimistic. Yes, I had a skinny piece of inked artwork but I had renewed hope! I would find a way to use it. I grabbed Altenew’s Rose Queen Die Set and cut the smallest flowers first. Beautiful! “Now for the largest piece… oh no… the die is too wide!” I had to make due and cut half the flower. Maybe if I cut the same pieces out of black card stock I could still make this work? New plan – blend the puzzle pieces together. “That should work.”

Ever try so hard you end up doing the very thing you were trying to prevent? I dropped my dies, and cut pieces, on the floor! “Where did they go?” So many tiny petals disappeared. I still haven’t found them. I shut down the studio and walked away… again.

Three Times A Charm

I woke up today feeling pretty good. Day three – my favorite number. “Today will be fantastic!” Did I have all the pieces to fill the black outline flower die? No. Did I have all the black pieces? Yes, but I only had a partial flower and it didn’t look right filled in with black. I did a dry arrangement, placing the pieces where I needed them to go. Sometimes you don’t need to fill in every nook and cranny. Let your card breathe. It will showcase your prize piece that much more! I concentrated on the one flower, filling in the petals only. It’s the focal point, representing an amazing, special person who always stands out from the rest.

Have you ever tried putting the tiny die cut pieces back? Ugh… it’s not fun. A big shout out to the talented Jennifer McGuire. “Thank you girlie!” Have you ever used Glad’s Press and Seal? I would have never thought to use it until I saw Jennifer using it in a video. I wonder how many uses this stuff has! I used it to keep my pieces in place, carefully placing a section of Press ‘n Seal (available at any grocery store) over the arrangement. I turned it over, applied tape and glue, then flipped it over to attach the flowers to my card front. What a time saver!

Tips ‘n Tricks

Have you ever gone to use your paper cutter and learned a little too late you had a dull blade? Don’t throw your paper away or think your project is ruined. Put a little drop of glue on your finger and rub the paper edge, pressing all the raggedy bits down until it dries smooth. It’s an amazing way to clean up those sides!

Who hasn’t run out of foam tape? Maybe you didn’t have any to begin with? Or maybe you wanted black when you had white? Introducing Fun Foam sheets! They’re Dollar Store cheap. I needed a thinner, black foam cut to size to back my black mat and card front. Fun foam was perfect!

Finishing Touches

What started out to be a bad couple of days pushed me to create this happy little card. No, I didn’t make the slimline but this sweet size turned out to be better. No, I didn’t have all the pieces to the puzzle but having one blue flower set this graphic card apart. I love the clean and simple (CAS) look. No, it still wasn’t finished. I added a few leaves in the corner to balance it with the sentiment. No, the black mat edges weren’t smooth until I used a little glue. No matter what kind of day, or days, you have, just remember other doors might open up for something even better. Yes! You got this!

I dedicate this card to my amazing hair dresser Crystal. She’s going through difficult times but her sweet, giving heart, and positive attitude, made me feel loved and so excited to create again.

“May You Always Leave a Beautiful Mark.”


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While other kids played at recess, I was on the bench quietly drawing. Nothing's changed. I'm still creating on this lifetime quest to "Leave a Beautiful Mark"

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