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Do you like to use dies on colored paper? I do. My favorite? A wonderful, deep black. Sad to say the black paper isn’t nearly as thick and sturdy as my Neenah White Card Stock. I started noticing “dirt” on my dies cut pieces. Where was it coming from? No way – remember that black paper? It was leaving behind black fibers and tiny specs so small it showed up looking like dirt on all my other pieces.

QUICK TIP: Grab your hand sanitizer and a paper towel. Wipe your die cutting plates, before and after. That’s not dirt! Crazy hugh?

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While other kids played at recess, I was on the bench quietly drawing. Nothing's changed. I'm still creating on this lifetime quest to "Leave a Beautiful Mark"

2 thoughts on “PAPER DIRT?”

  1. Never really thought my other projects could be affected by paper left behind on my die cutting plates! Hand sanitizer to the rescue!

    1. LOL Right? I never thought of this either… until stuff was all over my work, looking like inky smudges but there were tiny bits of black paper! So small it collected like dirt! Yes, hand sanitizer is a must in the studio! 🙂

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