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I’m so excited to be bringing my latest tri-fold slimline card for Christmas! Create a beautiful, sparkling backdrop with inks and glitter spray. Add a few white embossed snowflakes and sweet sentiments for a wonderful gift for that special someone.


Cutting Tips

The Tri-Fold Slimline Card Base measurements are unique. Take an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of cover stock paper and turn it left to right on your cutting tool (landscape). It should go from zero to 11 inches. Move your sheet to your right by 1/2 inch. It will now read at 10.5 inches to your left. You will be cutting off 1/2 inch. Now score your paper at 3.5″ and again at 7.0″. Move your paper to the right 1/8″ and cut again. That far right panel is now slimmer the center part of your card so all your panels will be able to close.

You should have a total of 5 backdrop panels: 3 create a scene for the inside of the card and the other two match but don’t have to be part of a scene. Three of the panels will measure 3.25 x 8.25″ and the other two remaining panels will measure 1/8″ smaller width to compensate for the inside folding panel.

Tips, Tricks, & Ideas

This card design isn’t just for the winter season, you can get very creative, changing out the backdrop colors to anything! Use golds, reds, and purples for a beautiful fall scene, or create a touch of spring with pinks, yellows and greens! Want a theme instead of a season? Choose pinks, reds and white to fall in love with Valentine’s Day again and again! With every backdrop, choose whatever stamps you love to complete your idea!

When permanently sticking your panels to the card base, it’s important to line up and center your front so it has a nice, even frame about it. You can best achieve this by standing and by lining up the two bottom corners, making sure each margin matches. If all three margin (left side, right side, and bottom center) are evenly spaced, your top will be the same too.

Mats, frames, and borders. I highly recommend using at least one of these to complete your piece. Nothing says finished beautifully as this all important step. Mats are cut from another piece of paper, bigger than the card front and set behind to create a framed illusion. Frames are cut from paper and layered above or below your card front. Borders use your card front and something like a darker ink to create the illusion of a mat for a frame. Any of these alone or used in combination look amazing!

You can create one big backdrop / scene, complete with embossed stamps, before you cut the piece down. While this is a try-fold slimline card using 5 panels, you could easily use this method to produce 5 single, slimline cards instead. It’s a great time saver!

Do you forget to use the embossing dust? Is that what it’s called? I know some people can use Corn Starch. The point is, I have a very bad habit of not remembering to use it until it’s too late. Sometimes it won’t matter, but there are plenty of times where it did. So make sure you remember the powder!

Mistakes? There are no mistakes! I’m learning rather quickly how your “oopsies” can become your greatest achievements! No seriously! One happy mistake after another… I make my fair share of mistakes but it’s how you use or hide them that makes all the difference! The moral of this story? Have fun! Sit back and enjoy the amazing card you just made to wow that special someone. Happy Holidays!

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While other kids played at recess, I was on the bench quietly drawing. Nothing's changed. I'm still creating on this lifetime quest to "Leave a Beautiful Mark"

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